Why Should You Create A Day In A Life Video?

Creating A Day In Your Life video will actually help to boost your connection and trust with your customers!

Most of the time, you see content creators on YouTube filming “A Day In A Life” type of video for entertainment purposes.

Business owners could also benefit from filming it.

So, what is in it for business owners who film this type of video?

1️⃣ Up close & personal moments will humanise your brand.

By showing your daily routine in a video to your audience, they will feel that you are realistic and honest.

This will also reflect your brand as being reliable. To be able to grow your brand, you have to first secure the trust with your customers.

In return, your brand loyalty will increase.

2️⃣ Get credited as you inspire other business owners.

Apart from giving an insight to your audience, it could also give inspiration to other business owners, especially the up-and-coming businesses.

It will definitely help other small business owners to have a rough idea of how to organise their work.

Your brand will also be credited as helpful to other businesses and will aid in increasing collaboration.

This brings me to my next point…

3️⃣ Helps increase collaboration

When you are seen as reliable and helpful, other businesses may want to get in touch with you and your work for some collaboration.

This will help increase your customer reach and brand popularity.


Although this video type often categorised as casual or informal, it can be used as an element of goodwill for your business.

Now that you know the benefits to record “A Day In A Life” videos, it is only right that you know how to film a proper and professional one.

You can simply do this with just your phone, a video editing app and a few other basic tools.

Want to know how you can do so? Click on the video below to learn the How-To!

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