What to do after you upload long video content?

You repurpose it! I'll share best 3 ways to repurpose your video

November has been crazy for me with creating new video content and clients’ videos dateline.

I got burn out.

Took a step back to take a look how I can streamline my process better so that I don’t get burn out again.

I was talking to my business besties (yes, I am blessed to have more than 1 business bestie) on how I can be better in terms of churning out my video content.

One of them mentioned, repurpose!

I mean we do hear about repurposing alot but sometimes we don’t tend to look at it seriously. We always think that curating fresh and different content makes us better in doing business.

If you’re running the business alone like me, then repurpose is the answer.

So let’s take me as an example.

I curate long video content and upload on to my YouTube channel (if you’ve not subscribed to it yet, I’m questioning our relationship 😛)

From this long video content, there are 3 ways I can repurpose:

#1 Extract bitesize nuggets

Trim the long video into bitesize videos. Upload these bitesize videos on to Instagram and turn it into a web series!

Watch my latest YouTube video how you can repurpose long video to Instagram.

#2 Create carousel posts

Take the snippets from the long video and create carousel post. Carousel post works well with Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn! (note: carousel post on LinkedIn has to be in PDF format)

#3 Turn long video into blog post

Increase website SEO with blog post by transcribing long video. Simply go to rev.com where it can be transcribe easily at a very low cost.

Repurposing doesn’t have to be for videos, it can work for other types of content e.g:

  • blog post to quotes

  • audio to video

  • guidebook to video

Have you done repurposing before for your content?

Resources for you:

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