Voice-Over Video & Its Benefits

Voice-over videos: good for the beginners embarking into video marketing.

Are you uncomfortable sitting in front of the camera to deliver your message to your viewers?

Well, I think creating a voice-over video is just right for you!

There are a lot of perks for creating voice-over video. Let me walk you through some of them.

Perk 1: Cut costs and production time.

With minimal equipment and time needed to produce an informative/educational/product video, it will increase your productivity and allows you to focus on other important tasks for your business.

The gear needed to create a voice-over video will only include your phone, headphone/earpiece with a built-in microphone, visual presentation & video editing app(s).

Approximated time of production will be about an hour and a half, tops.

Perk 2: Increases receptivity in the audience.

While many people are attracted to visual illustrations in a video, they are easily distracted by them.

To overcome this distraction, voice-over videos can help to narrate straight-to-the-point content in your video.

This will stimulate their brains to absorb, internalise and understand the intended message you are trying to bring across to them.

Perk 3: Gives your video some personality.

Your viewers will act on the “call-to-action” when they are positively influenced and feel connected to your brand.

By using voice-over videos, the tone of voice used in it will give an impression to viewers that your brand is approachable and professional.

Sometimes, your viewers can feel that they are being represented by your brand, which will increase brand loyalty.

In my latest YouTube video, I’ll show you how to create a voice-over video simply by using your phone.

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