Tips To Make A Good Unboxing Video

Essential tips to make your unboxing video an entertaining and pleasant one for your consumers.

With almost everyone in the world owning a smartphone, filming videos for your business or entertainment is made easy.

Filming an unboxing video doesn’t necessarily mean you need a fancy set-up with a big camera and expensive lighting.

Instead, you can just use your handy-dandy smartphone to record your unboxing video. How to make it look like a professional set-up video you ask?

Here are some useful tips and tricks for you to enhance the quality and engagement of your videos for your customers.

Tip 1: Film in a quiet room, away from distractions.

By filming in a quiet and enclosed room, background noises are reduced and will not affect the audio of your unboxing video, even when you're recording it with your smartphone.

You don’t want your viewers to hear the random wind gushes or your pet's noises, right?

Tip 2: Make full use of your table lamps or natural lighting.

You know that table lamp in your room you hardly use? It's time to bring it out!

You can also open your window for natural lighting to shine into the room.

Table lamps or natural lighting can be used to make your video look more professional, put together, and easily visible to the consumers.

Visibility in an unboxing video is important as consumers are interested to see the details and features of the unboxed product(s).

Tip 3: Go through every item in the box/package.

Whether it is the instruction manual, a leaflet, a special note from the seller, present it in the unboxing video.

This will give your viewers the full experience of the unboxing video & a sense of what to expect when they’ve decided to purchase the product(s).


With all that said, you are more or less ready to film your unboxing video.

A personal tip, simply be natural in the video.

Don’t try to put up a fake front as consumers genuinely want to hear your honest review and reaction during the unboxing. Crack a joke or two, they’ll appreciate the humour.

Remember to keep things simple and always get straight to the point.

An unboxing video of longer than 5 minutes is going to bore your viewers!

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