TikTok is a powerful engine for evergreen videos

It's time to get visible, grow your brand with videos and attract an audience who genuinely interact and buys from you!

When I first heard about TikTok, my initial reaction was probably the same as yours:

“Dancing videos? Lip syncing? Nah, that’s for teens. Let the kids have their fun.”

But what intrigued me about TikTok: 800 million users spending, on average, 52 minutes a day in the app! 😱

After trying out TikTok last year (read: I only posted repurposed videos), I almost gave up on the app entirely. “The teens, they can have their TikTok dances.”

That was – until the start of March 2021.

I decided to learn the ropes of TikTok and post one video a week - record & edit within the app itself.

Four weeks into my posting experiment, I realised something major.

TikTok wasn’t just a place to jump on dance trends..

TikTok is a powerful engine for evergreen videos.

Then in April 2021, my business buddies wanted to learn TikTok. I decided to craft out step-by-step tutorials & exercises so they can follow and create their videos with their own twist in TikTok.

The result? Mindblowing! 🤯

I approached Manisha from Mini Marketing Hacks for a collaboration.

With my video expertise and Manisha, who’s a content expert, Kickstart Your Brand’s TikTok is born.

Everything in the course is tried and tested and it’s “everything you need” pack.

If you’re a total beginner and is overwhelmed with TikTok then this course is perfect for you.

You’ll not only learn the ropes about TikTok & its features, you’ll walk away with a cheat sheet of reusable content ideas & exercises that you can implement right away!

Kickstart Your Brand’s TikTok is now open & can be yours for only $12 (price goes up to $19 after May 12, 2021).

Let’s be video ready.


⮕ Get Free Video Planning Checklist: https://courses.peachypixx.com/video-planning-checklist
⮕ Get Free Pre-Launch Video Checklist: https://courses.peachypixx.com/pre-launch-video-checklist
⮕ Take a Look at my Video Gear Guide: https://kit.co/reneeismail

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