Should You Collaborate If You're An Introvert?

I’m still actively learning about collaboration as I go but I decided to share some tips for those of you who find collaboration highly rewarding.

Most of the time when introverts hear the word “collaboration”, they will have an internal panic set in. Well, at least for me.

In today’s issue, let me share with you how collaboration can help your introvert business succeed and how to get started (if you have not collaborated before).

The benefits of business collaboration:

#1 Generating new ideas

Being in business is hard work. If you’re the sole person responsible for new ideas and strategies, you can burn out quickly. 

But having someone else to point out new opportunities or to strategise with can bring fresh ideas and new ways of approaching old problems.

#2 Reaching new markets

Choosing to work with people who can add benefit to your clientele is terrific, but having them open their network to you is priceless. 

If you focus on mutual benefit, your collaboration will open you to new markets, while lifting the quality of service to your existing market.

How to find the right collaborative partners:

#1 Do their energy bounce off with you well?

It’s important to pay attention to energy alignment.

Ask yourself: Do you feel like your thinking is sharper and your energy is a bit more “on”? Or do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted?

#2 Do they have a skill set that can benefit your business?

It’s helpful that your new collaboration partner has a different skill set to you, but one that complements your business offering. 

Ask yourself: Will your clients benefit from their skill set?

#3 How can you help them?

Collaboration is a two-way street. 

Ask yourself: What will your future collaboration partner gain from collaborating with you?

The power of business collaboration in your introvert business

I hope this post helps you to look at a collaboration in a new light. 

Working with others brings a rich sense of satisfaction and allows you to achieve so much more. 

Recently, I collaborated with 4 other business owners and we came up with a starter pack that can help other business owners who runs their business on Instagram.

Since my skill set is in video content, the other collaborators are expert in other field e.g. audio podcast, content writing, designing, Instagram marketing. In other words, we complement each other's audiences.

Navigating the new world we live in will be easier with collaborative partners, and will create resilience in your introvert business.

New Video Alert:

It's never easy making videos as an introvert. There are alot of misconceptions saying introverts are shy and don't like to be around people, but the truth is, introverts just get their energy differently compared to extroverts.

In my latest YouTube video, I share 3 tips how introverts can consistently make videos for their business.

Resources for you:

This coming 24 December 2020, I am launching my first online course called “The Video Kickstart Pack”

“The Video Kickstart Pack” is a strategic Video Content Generator designed to attract your ideal audience, qualify them to become your client, and sell your offer and services.

Imagine creating videos that...

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“The Video Kickstart Pack” is good for:

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