New to Editing Video?

Here are the three most common video editing mistakes and how to fix them

When sitting down to start editing a video project, the process can seem intimidating and at times overwhelming.

It is also a process that is prone to too many mistakes that can make or break your video.

In today’s issue, let me share with you 3 common video editing mistakes that I see and how to fix them.

Mistake #1 : Poor Sound Quality

It’s a classic mistake to make. A video can look visually powerful, but the audio is inconsistent.

From music that’s too loud to voice tracks that are hard to hear, poor audio can easily make a good quality video look amateurish.

How to Fix:

Close your eyes and listen to your video. If it sounds off, it needs to be adjusted regardless of how amazing your video is.

Mistake #2 : Framing

You’ve put the camera away, you’re sitting down and you seeing your video for the first time. That’s when you realize you left too much room above your head in the frame.

How to Fix:

Be aware of your background before hitting record. Take note of how much empty space is around you. Make sure you have enough head space, not too high or too low till it “cuts” your forehead off.

Mistake #3 : Overusing Transitions

Transitions might be cool and popular, but they can also be a problem. They can easily go out of style, dating the project, or be distracting to the story you're trying to tell.

How to Fix:

Keep transitions like dissolves only at places whenever there is a need. To make your video look professional, stay away from tacky and senseless transitions.

In conclusion

If you’re just getting started editing video these tips will help you figure out how to avoid common editing mistakes and make your final video look polished. The goal of your edit should always be to tell your unique story and sometimes that means you need to break some standards to make your video more creative.

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