Did I hear you say you wanted to start creating videos this year?!

2021 is the year you should make videos for your business.

2021 is finally here.

To celebrate the start of the year, I’ve just released a digital course to help you kickstart your video content creation. If there’s one thing we can take from 2020 on the business side of things is that video is HERE. TO. STAY!

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Using videos as part of your marketing strategy is vital to your business success.

“The Video Kickstart Pack” is the digital course that will give you the guide to video that actually works and finally allowing you to get rid of that paralyzing inertia.

It’s almost like a sense of powerlessness that stems from a sense of how complex, time-consuming and costly getting impactful, engaging and effective videos on your own can be.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 52 Video Content Prompts to attract, nurture, and convert your followers

  • Plug and play any of the 28 headline prompts designed to get people to actually watch your videos.

  • Proven Opening Lines or Actions that are designed to grab the attention 

  • Simple two-part structure to create a script for an endless amount of videos that create demand and desire for your offers.

What's Inside The Video Kickstart Pack?

The Video Kickstart Pack teaches you the system & prompts I use with my clients and my own business, to help you create videos with impact, so you can grow your business, show up for your audience, and turn leads into clients.

This self-paced online course includes a series of video to help you:

  • Magnetic Video Ideas

  • Scroll-Stopping Headlines

  • Demand Attention in 7 seconds

  • Simple Script Unpacked

Grab your pack today

What they have to say?

“I've finished the course. That was really concise and power-packed indeed. Love the prompts that you share, and I'm glad I bought the pack before the end of the year because this is so helpful with planning my content and ensuring I do well instead of making mistakes and then searching for help later on. Thank you!” - Manisha, Mini Marketing Hacks

“Even though I do know how to create and edit videos, there will always be room to level up on ideation and creation of videos. I’m glad I grabbed this Video Kickstart Pack!” - Aida, Mom Savers Network

New Video Alert:

Are you thinking of starting live streaming in 2021? 🤔

We have seen live streaming become the world’s biggest hit in 2020 due to its engaging nature. Despite that, its impact is still underestimated.

Small business owners still continue to make pre-recorded videos to promote their brands or products. It is not wrong but live streaming, on the other hand, is incredibly diverse and engaging, and it can massively increase audience reach in no time.

The first thing we usually think of when we start to consider live streaming is how to speak confidently on camera. The fear of embarassing ourselves actually hold us back from starting live streaming.

In this video, I share 3 tips how to speak confidently during live streaming.

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